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Drs. A.R.J. Halkes MHA is consultant in the business of health care for more than 25 years. Before that, he was a lecturer at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

He’s expert in strategy and innovation in care for health, both in provision of healthcare and the health industry: pharma and medical devices.
He has specific experiences with eHealth, telemedicine, social media and development of sustainable partnership between stakeholders in healthcare.

With concepts like Care for Health, Experience Co-Creation in Care, Integrated Care, Digital care, Participatory Care and Social Care, he shares his knowledge on provision of care to improved health outcomes, trusted relations with care providers and self management of patients.

Rob works with health care centers, hospitals, pharmacists, medical wholesalers, health care payer organizations, medical professional organizations, patient organizations, with pharmaceutical companies and the devices industry. He also participates in the development and startup of digital, patient centric platforms.

In recent years Rob has successfully worked at new business developments for healthcare and health industry.

He associated with PatientView to work for and understand patients’ perspectives, with Republic-M to collaborate in digital interaction between stakeholders in healthcare, and to the Fox Group to present his expertise globally and at the same time augment his view on details of systems of healthcare.