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Golf is a game which started from Scotland at the 15 th century. Golf was introduced into Vietnam at early 20th century, beneath King Bao Dai. At that time, the existence of this sport in Vietnam was hardly any understood because it had been just played by individuals of their aristocracy. Even though it was very well known in most countries around the Earth, it wasn’t until the early nineties that golf became known in Vietnam. Today, golf is no stranger inside our state with the introduction of several golf class projects all over the nation. But not therefore that golf became a popular sport. It has always been considered like a sport of the elite, rich small business persons.

Why is golf considered a noble sport?

This idea is completely grounded. The investment in building a golf course will be excessively pricey. In Vietnam, the ones which invest in building golf courses are often the giants at the real estate industry or foreign investors. As per a statistic released in Lao Dong paper in-may 2017, the present range of golfers at Vietnam is currently 15,000. The majority of these are now lobbying. Bearing in this aristocratic sport, people must have a large fiscal investment decision for instruction ) - that the top golf news site in Vietnam), and of course that the prices of leasing a golf course for the practice. Additionally according to this newspaper, once participating in in the 18-hole golf course, the gamer needs to spend at least 1 million VND to get into the match, along with the cost for leasing caddies, electric cars, along with equipment leasing if necessary. Medium, they will have to spend about 2 million dongs on weekdays roughly 5 million dongs on weekends. For that reason, a golfer must be extremely wealthy folks, frequently aristocrats or excellent businessmen.

Golf kits and playing with outfits additionally desire a great deal of investment, for example golf equipment, golf bags, balls, gloves, hats, golf clubs, costumes, and a lot more. Other home work outs functions. To get a comprehensive set of products, golfers have to invest a few hundred million dongs.

Golf club set

The golf club set has become the most important tool for a golfer. The three forms of clubs that any player requires are woods, irons, and putter. Each bar has a different shining role. The costs are also rather unique, from 1million VND to a number of thousands of thousand VND per unit. In addition to those 3 clubs, there are many other additional nightclubs. A full set of clubs has as much as 14 sticks with distinct structures and serves, costing by the couple tens of millions to tens and thousands of million girls. Golf equipment are also classified for several sorts of people, out of people to kids.

Golf club purse

Due to the big and significant group of golf clubs and products, players must obtain a golf club purse. You’ll find many types of golf bags that cater to distinct varieties of players along with playtimes and places. Bargains and substances for golf totes will also be extremely different. You may reference the article on what steps to take to to tell apart various forms of golf totes.

Golf costume

Golf costumes therefore are also obviously described, usually a collared t shirt and technical trousers or pants for ladies. Many golf classes allow people to wear Docker shorts, but a lot of high-end courses only let gamers to utilize golf shorts. The expenditure in outfits, golf footwear, and also other accessories like sunglasses, gloves, hats, medical boxes,... is maybe not small.

Why is golf price so expensive but attractive to people?

Along with entertainment and health training, most golfers also look at the game of golf as an opportunity to fulfill spouses and seek work at home opportunities. Due to the enormous price of golfclubs, this luxurious pastime can be also an easy method for its elite and company visitors to clearly show their own class.

Golf courses are beautiful and spacious, making them suitable for businesspeople to perform with, exchange do the job, and create business arrangements uncomplicated. Golf can also be highly protected, significantly less prone to injury compared to other sports, either moving in a sizable spot or attracting golf equipment on your own is also a way for golfers to exercise nicely. Effective.