Digital Marketing Report Q4 2012

Dit rapport analyseert de performance van de zoekmachinemarkt. Uit de resultaten van het onderzoek blijkt dat de uitgaven aan search engine advertising in het vierde kwartaal van 2012 met 19 procent zijn gestegen ten opzichte van 2011. De advertentiekliks namen met 14 procent toe, de CPC's met 3 procent.

De belangrijkste uitkomsten van het onderzoek op een rijtje:

Paid Search Marketing

  • Google paid search spending rose 19% Y/Y in Q4, a slight deceleration for our sample, but in line with Google’s official Q3 revenue growth. Ad clicks rose 14%, CPCs rose 3%.
  • Bing search spending rose 54% on 39% higher clicks and 11% higher CPCs. Bing faced weak 2011 comps and had made strides throughout 2012 to improve its once restrictive ad serving logic.
  • Mobile drove 20% of paid clicks and 15% of paid search spend in Q4. Mobile CPCs edged up relative to desktop and tablet spending increased 189% Y/Y, outpacing smartphone spending for the seventh quarter in a row. Tablet clicks outpaced smartphone clicks for the fourth quarter in a row.
  • The iPad’s share of tablet traffic slipped to 84% by the end of Q4. Kindle Fire models held a 5% share, but delivered a 54% lower ROI than iPad. Windows 8 tablets failed to gain traction.
  • Google Product Listing Ads generated 28% of Google non-brand clicks in Q4. PLA CPCs remained 26% lower than CPCs for competitive text ads.

Organic Search & Social

  • iOS 6 defaulting to secure search resulted in 10% of organic search traffic being seen as direct by analytics packages. 81% of iOS 6 visits did not pass a referrer.
  • Nearly 20% of organic search and direct visits were mobile in Q4. iPad delivered 7.3% of visits, followed by the iPhone at 6.7% and Android devices at 5.2%.
  • CPMs for the Facebook Exchange were less than half those of the average display ad. Revenue Per Click was 25% higher.

Comparison Shopping Engines

  • Comparison Shopping spending increased 14% Y/Y in Q4, excluding costs associated with Google PLAs.
  • Amazon Product Ads commanded 25% of CSE spend and were the largest traffic driver among paid engines.


  • Shoppers had an average of 4.3 marketing touches per order in Q4, up from 3.5 in Q3. At the same time, however, 75% of orders involved touches from just a single channel.

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