Serie-streaker Mark Roberts slaat opnieuw toe

Serie-streaker Mark Roberts slaat opnieuw toe

Streaker Mark Roberts, die eerder op ordinaire wijze reclame maakte voor online casino Golden Palace, sloeg dit keer toe tijdens het jaarlijkse stierengevecht in Pamplona.

Golden Palace komt zelfs met een officieel persbericht:

Pamplona, Spain, July 12 /PRNewswire/—In an unconventional display of high-visibility marketing, notorious British streaker Mark Roberts participated in Pamplona?s annual running of the bulls with the Net address ? tattooed on his bare back and chest. 
Near the last turn before the frenzied animals reached the bullring, Roberts jumped into the fray and was immediately forced to run for his life as the stampede of 500-kilogram bulls nearly trampled him and other runners. The sudden appearance of Roberts seemed to enrage a couple of the bulls and they pursued him like two angry heat-seeking missiles. Roberts barely escaped severe injury by grabbing the edge of a low hanging balcony, then pulling himself out of the way before one of the bulls could gore a large hole through the ?.com? on his back. 
?I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes,? said Roberts later. ?I?ve seen the bullrun on TV before but they are so much bigger and faster in real life. It?s unbelievable how fast those things can move. I thought I was a dead man.? 
Roberts has streaked over 200 times during his illustrious career, but this was by far the most dangerous streak he has ever attempted. Although he luckily emerged unscathed, 11 people were injured in this year?s event, 3 having been gored by the bulls? horns. 
Internet casino ad tattoo has made an impression at several different sporting events lately, courtesy of Roberts and lovely celebrity model Brittney Skye. Roberts? resume includes the UEFA Cup Final in Spain, the ATP French Open, and the UK?s prestigious Royal Ascot. Brittney has only one streak under her belt so far, but it was a big one. During the PGA Tour?s US Open, a topless Brittney walked up to eventual winner Jim Furyk and attempted to hand him a pair of roses. The incident resulted in Brittney?s pics being the most e-mailed images on the Internet that week. 
The casino?s tendency for high-profile publicity stunts makes them a marketing wild card. An ad tattoo can appear absolutely anywhere at any time.  Any popular sport or event is a potential target for the casino?s innovative and outlandish advertising. It will be interesting to see how they can top themselves this time. 
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